Spa Wan Paw Pads’ Gel


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Spa Wan Paw Pads’ Gel

Spa Wan, the pet products brand, was jointly developed with Laetitian Limited - pet food distributors who sold ‘Mog Wan’, a natural dog food that became a huge hit in Japan. As part of its anti-virus measures, the product cleans and conditions the paw pads of dogs and cats with alcohol and naturally derived disinfectants, while keeping them well hydrated with the moisturising ingredients in the formula. With the belief that dogs should have the same quality shampoo as their owners, the Spa Wan products are free from silicone, parabens and petroleum surfactants. Although pet products are not required to list all ingredients on the bottle, this product has a policy of listing them - it's made with special care, with a focus on safety and its ingredients.



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Spa Wan


Paw Pads' Gel for Pets


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